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Taoist Meditation
Friday, April 4, 2014 (7:00 - 9:00pm)

Meditation is a mental exercise that one uses to calm the mind, balance emotions, and ultimately reach the core of their true self.

Taoist Meditation methods have many points in common with Hindu and Buddhist systems, but the Taoist way is less abstract and more down-to-earth than the traditions that evolved in India. The primary hallmark of Taoist meditation is the generation, transformation, and
circulation of internal energy, or Qi, and the unification of one's life with the Tao, or natural way.

The Taoists, being a practical bunch, observed that people did 4 things: they'd lie down, sit up, stand, and move about. Therefore, meditation techniques were developed to be done from each of these 4 positions.

In this workshop, we will explore the methods of calm awareness through mind intent, posture, breath, and physical movement. We will learn to use Qigong exercises  to expand one's awareness through the energy body, which is why meditation and qigong have been found to be integral to traditional martial and healing arts.
This series is appropriate for
ALL levels,
including beginners.
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Where:  Silk Wind Studio
               1 Schwab Road,
               Melville, NY 11747 (
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When:    Friday, April 4, 2014 (7:00-9:00pm)

Cost:     $25 (
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In addition to sitting and standing meditations, we will utilize some moving meditations from the Wu Ji Qigong set below, and walking meditation postures from the Bagua Qigong set.
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